Friday Five

TGIF! You know what that means? Time for another Friday Five!

1) A month or so back, we dined at this place in Atlanta called MetroFresh. It’s this restaurant where the menu changes every day and they feature fresh (go figure) and healthy food. When we were there, Eric got this buffalo tuna salad and it was ah-mazing. So I have been recreating it at home for lunches. So yummy. It’s super easy too. Take a can of tuna (I prefer to use the kind packed in water, not oil). Drain it and put it in a bowl. Put in a couple tablespoons of Greek yogurt (you could use mayo, but I use the yogurt so it’s a tad healthier). Then add whatever hot sauce or buffalo sauce you like. I actually prefer using the Kroger brand in medium.  Just add to taste and it’s ready to go. I eat it with celery stick for the full buffalo experience.

2) A perk of working from home is being able to actually cook lunches instead of eating a sandwich or tossing a frozen meal in to the microwave. This week I’ve been on a big portobello mushroom kick. I made these Mexican-style ones from greenlitebites one day and a variation of these quinoa stuffed mushrooms the next. Both delicious AND nutritious.

3) One thing I wish we had registered when we got married was a nice quality Dutch oven. You know, like one of the Le Creuset ones or something. As I mentioned previously, I don’t do a lot of slow braising or anything, but I think a nice sized Dutch oven is always a good kitchen tool to have. I have been stalking TJ Maxx and HomeGoods hoping to find one at a discounted price, but I might eventually take the plunge (and one of the Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards we still have from the wedding) and buy one before cooler weather stars.

Le Creuset on the left. Lodge on the right.
Le Creuset on the left. Lodge on the right.

4) I’m heading up to DC tonight for a long weekend. I AM SO PUMPED. Last time we were there was for a wedding in May and I came down with some sort of plague right when we got there, so here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen this time. On the agenda is a lot of time with friends and my favorite activity — EATING. I’m hitting up some of my favorite places to eat in the area and am so so excited: The Wine Kitchen in Leesburg (they have great food and excellent wine flights); Dairy Godmother in Alexandria (the BEST frozen custard. Obama went there once so it has the presidential seal of approval); Cheesetique in Arlington (the name says it all. A RESTAURANT THAT SERVES AMAZING CHEESE DISHES. I LOVE IT.) and of course Potbelly. Oh how I have missed Potbelly since moving to Atlanta. I’m sure there will be plenty of documentation on my Instagram so check it out if #foodporn interests you.

5) I was doing my grocery shopping at Kroger this weekend when I saw this book near the wine section.

"The Cheese Chronicles: A Journey Through the Making and Selling of Cheese in America, From Field to Farm to Table"
“The Cheese Chronicles: A Journey Through the Making and Selling of Cheese in America, From Field to Farm to Table”

I promptly went home and ordered it off Amazon. I am a huge book nerd so I love reading, and I especially love reading books about food. It just sounded like an interesting read (and I love, love, love cheese) so I’m hoping it was a good purchase.

What were the highlights of your week? Share them in the comments.


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