My cookbook collection

Last week, I posted about the hundreds upon hundreds of recipes I have stored on Pinterest and how I organize them. While I get the majority of ideas for what to cook via these pinboards, I still love everything about cookbooks.

I would definitely say I collect cookbooks. While I vary rarely consult them when I am menu planning, I love to have them to just flip through whenever I am bored or looking for some inspiration. I can still remember the very first cookbook I got: “The Joy of Cooking.”


I can still remember the first recipe I made from “The Joy of Cooking.” It was orange and cranberry scones and I am pretty sure it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. But that’s OK. Even back in the early stages of my love of cooking I realized that things didn’t always turn out perfectly.

Since the fire was sparked with “The Joy of Cooking,” I have since added quite a few cookbooks to my collection.


… 25 more to be exact. And I can’t stop buying them. Whenever I go into thrift stores, I check out to see if there are any cookbooks I want to get. My Amazon Wishlist is full of tomes from the likes of The French Laundry Cookbook to Vintage Cocktails. My collection has moved with me from my college apartment in Athens, Georgia to four different places in DC and back to Georgia just this year — and moving books can be a pain. Literally.

Now truth be told, I can’t remember the last time I’ve opened a few of these cookbooks, but there are definitely a few that have remained favorites over the years.


If I had to pick out the cookbook I have used the most, it is this one. I have tried so many recipes out of it. It’s a great resource for fast meals. I think they came out with another volume that I have resisted getting for years. My favorite recipes are the Mediterranean Chicken Stew and Chicken Chilaquiles.


I have another cookbook fro Mark Bittman. He is a pretty famous food writer from the New York Times. Again with the previous cookbook, this has a bunch of quick and easy recipes which are great for weeknights. One of my favorite recipes is the paella.


These are also well loved members of the collection. I have always loved Nigella Lawson (I’m sort of an anglophile so I am a big fan of her and Jamie Oliver) and this was the most approachable of her books at the time I bought it. Another book which features a lot of easy and quick choices. I loved Dave Lieberman. I am sad he is no longer on the Food Network. I got this book for Christmas and it includes one of my favorite go to recipes — garlic and rosemary chicken.


Now I couldn’t talk about my cookbook collection without referencing this. As a gift at my bridal shower, my mom made this book filled with recipes that were contributions from all my friends and family. It is one of my most prized possessions because it is filled with so much love from the most important people in my life. Eric and I take it out all the time and pick something to make and it brings back so many memories of the individual who shared the recipe.

I am sure that by the time we settle down and buy a house, I’m going to have to have at least one bookshelf dedicated to my cookbook collection. And the thought of that is actually very exciting to me.

What are your favorite cookbooks?


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