Friday Five

You guys. College football starts tomorrow. If I could dedicate this whole post to Georgia Football and how excited I am, well, I would. But it is hard to come up with five food-related items that have to do with football. But I at least have one!

1) The return of football season means the return of football food. You know what I mean — the kind of stuff you’d eat at a tailgate. Chicken wings. Various dips. Tailgating in the South is almost as important as the game itself, so over the years I’ve seen a lot of impressive spreads. While I won’t be attending the game in person (sadly), I will be hanging out with some friends for an apartment-based tailgate. If I have the time to whip something up before tomorrow night, I might try out this Layered Greek Dip from Tasty Kitchen or this delicious looking artichoke bread.

2) I love tea. A lot of people know how much I love tea. I mean, my bridal shower had a tea party theme. I’m a big fan of loose leaf teas. I’ve dropped quite a bit of money at Tevana over the years. Last time I made a purchase, I bought some really fruity teas that I didn’t really care for when brewed hot. Now rather than just toss them, I decided to make iced tea with them after reading a blog post about it. And let me tell you: DELICIOUS. I used this Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate from Teavana with a little bit of rock sugar put in while steeping. I’ve drank two pitchers of it this week.

Rapsbery Riot Lemon Mate tea from Teavana.
Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate tea from Teavana. It doesn’t really look this pretty in the pouch.

3) And speaking of my love of tea, I am currently lusting over this Cuisinart electric tea kettle. It has specific temperature settings based on which tea you are making (green, oolong, etc). For a tea nerd like me, I feel like this is a necessity. Is it too early to start making a Christmas list? I don’t think so.

4) While I won’t go in to detail about everything I ate on my trip to DC last week (one highlight: chicken and waffles made with quail. OMG), I did pick up a food-related souvenir while shopping with some friends. We probably spent more time browsing the Williams-Sonoma outlet store than any clothing store. I restrained myself from walking away with a Dutch oven (I think the only thing that stopped me was the fact it would be a pain to carry on to an airplane) and instead picked up a few spices, including this one which is my current obsession.

img92oIt is Herbes de Provence Sea Salt. Now for those that don’t know, Herbs De Provence is a mixture of a bunch of spices usually including fennel, basil, thyme and lavender. This is all that mixed with some gray sea salt. I’ve used regular Herbs de Provence for roasted veggies or adding flavor to stews, but I use this specific blend on popcorn. Mix a little butter or olive oil together with this and pour it over warm popcorn. So yummy.

5) Now my last thing isn’t a favorite, but more of a pet peeve. Now I am just one of many people (well, women mostly) who goes crazy for pumpkin-flavored stuff during the fall. However, in my mind, pumpkin goodies shouldn’t start to appear until October. Starbucks will release the pumpkin spice latte September 1, which is awesome, but it’s just not time yet! In Atlanta, it is still close to 90 degrees. I don’t want a pumpkin spice latte when it is 90 degrees! It also bugs me that after Halloween, a lot of the pumpkin stuff starts disappearing from the shelves. Hello people! November is THE pumpkin month. Pumpkin pie?! Thanksgiving?! OK, end rant. I can’t say that I WON’T give in to temptation and have a pumpkin spice latte before October (I mean, they are super delicious), but if I do, I will drink it in protest.


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