Pumpkin pancakes — and a confession

It is finally fall! And while I am waiting until next Tuesday and the beginning of October to give in to the pumpkin spice latte craze, I have already embraced other pumpkin delicacies. Mainly pumpkin beer and pumpkin pancakes.

Best part of weekends in the fall. Well besides football.
Best part of weekends in the fall. Well besides football.

I posted the above photo on Instagram and a few people asked for the recipe. So today y’all are in luck.



Yes, I admit it. I don’t make pumpkin pancakes from scratch. I’ve tried! I have. But the truth is that Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake mix blows all of my homemade endeavors out of the water. I could have sat here and shared a real recipe with you, but I want to be honest.

Sometimes I don’t make things from scratch. There are some night when we have frozen pizza. Or one of those Bertolli frozen concoctions. I’m human. I work a full time job. I can’t always devote a lot of time to prep work and cooking. I also know when to admit where I am not as strong, and baking from scratch is that area. The thought of making a pie with homemade crust or baking a cake from scratch terrifies me. OK, maybe not terrifies me, but you get what I am saying. These nerves have turned me on to semi-homemade baking (thank you Sandra Lee), doctoring up store bought mixes to make s’mores cookies and such.

But that is the great thing about this blog. Being able to try new things and share my triumphs and tragedies with you all has made me want to try new things. So I foresee more baking in my future. I mean, that challah turned out pretty amazing and certainly helped with my confidence.

Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.



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