Greek Steak Kabobs

Eric and I do some of our best menu brainstorming at the kitchen table while we are eating dinner. Usually on a Monday, we talk about our plans for the week and what meals we should cook, when we’ll eat apart, when we’re eating out etc. We think about if we have any thing in the freezer or pantry we want to use up. And then we think up an idea. This recipe is a result of one of those dinner think sessions.

We had two sirloin steaks in the freezer that we got from Costco. They came in a pack of four and when we grilled them up the first time, I barely at half. So instead of just throwing them on the steak once more, we came up with the idea for kebabs. Kebabs are a great way to cook both protein and veggies at the same time. I am now a kebab convert.

1240604_629717887060917_364188302_nI took the meat and veggies off the kebabs and made a salad. Eric ate the meat and veggies together with a small salad on the side. These would also be good with chicken or even tofu if you are in to that sort of thing.

Greek Steak Kabobs
(Makes four kebabs)

2 large steaks (we used sirloin, but any kind of meat should do), cut in to 1.5 inch pieces
1/2 cup Greek salad dressing (We used Ken’s)
1 tbls oregano
1 tsp garlic powder
Juice from half a lemon
Salt and pepper
Various veggies, cut about the same size as the meat (We used red onions, red bell peppers, button mushrooms, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes. Would also be good with zucchini or squash. Use whatever veggies you want).

1) In a large plastic bag, combine the salad dressing, oregano, lemon juice and garlic powder. Season the meat with salt and pepper and place in the bag. Let sit in the first for a few hours. I think ours sat for about four.

2) If you are using wood skewers, be sure to soak them in water beforehand. We used metal skewers we got as a wedding gift. When the time comes to assemble, put the chunks of beef and veggies on the skewers. I like to place onions and peppers right next to the beef so they infuse a nice flavor while on the grill. But there is no set method for setting up your kebabs. Meat, veggie, meat. Meat, veggie, veggie, meat. Whatever you feel like. Make sure to leave room at each end of the skewer so you will be able to turn the skewers.

3) Turn on your grill (or grill pan) and heat to medium high heat. Once hot, place the kebabs on the surface. Be careful not to overcrowd the grill top or you’ll have trouble turning the kebabs. For medium-well, cook about 7 minutes for each side. For medium-rare, about four. The good thing about this recipe is that even if the steak is cooked more than you like, the marinade helps keep the beef tender.

4) Carefully remove the kebabs from the grill and to a plate. Use a fork to push the pieces of food off the kebabs with care — the skewers will still be hot. Serve with a green salad or even a side of roasted potatoes, couscous or quinoa.


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