Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Reese’s Pieces

I love baked goods. Cookies. Cake. Brownies. Pie. Tarts. Mmmm. I have a killer sweet tooth and most often when I want something sweet, I want some sort of baked good. That being said, I don’t have all the time in the world to baked something up on a whim, so I usually keep the baking for a special occasion. Or a weekend when I have more time.

That was the case this weekend when we hosted some people to watch the UGA game (Dawgs on top). Everyone was bringing some sort of food to snack on during the game and I wanted to provide some sort of dessert, so cookies were the answer. I had seen this recipe on Pinterest earlier in the week and knew it was the one. Not only did it sound delicious…but the colors were perfect for fall, you guys.

But I didn’t follow the recipe. At all. In fact, I made these cookies the semi-homemade way. I mentioned in my confession post last week about how I rarely bake from scratch and this was no exception. Well these technically were barely homemade. I bought an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix at Kroger (I think it was by Betty Crocker) and then added Reese’s Pieces to the mix. I also cut down on the butter a bit because, as I have notice when using the mixes before, they sometimes spread too much while baking and I find the butter to be the culprit.

They might not have been totally homemade, but they were delicious. They barely lasted past the third quarter, but that could have been due to everyone stress eating through the entire game.

1150327_633601380005901_1717365680_nI find nothing wrong with utilizing the premade mixes that are sold in grocery stores. They are just a convenient way to get all the necessary ingredients on one place without having to buy a million things. I have found cookie and cake mixes to be pretty forgiving as well in terms of adding or subtracting something and still getting a good end result. So if you aren’t the world’s best baker, I suggest sprucing up these mixes until you get the hang of things.


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