Home Goods and TJ Maxx haul

I am not the first person in the world to profess my love for Home Goods and TJ Maxx. But after the trip I just made, I feel as if we have a very special connection.

Home Goods and the home section of TJ Maxx are like a mecca for kitchen gadgets. From wooden cutting boards to pots and pans to utensils and serving platters, you can find just about anything you’d ever want. When there are certain kitchen items I am on the hunt for (read: a Dutch oven), I make weekly trips to see if they have what I want. The past few times I have gone I have left empty handed, but this time I hit the jackpot.

First up was Home Goods. I had picked up a few things and put them back after I thought it through. Do I really need a French press? In theory, yes. In reality, no. My Keurig works just fine.

photo 4First thing I picked up was this mandolin. Awhile back I wrote that I had an unfortunate incident with my first mandolin and had been looking for a higher quality one for awhile. This Sharper Image one presented itself and the price was right so I decided to get it. The thing I like about this is that it has a stand to prop up the slicer AND the addition blades are built in via a knob you can adjust. I am quite pleased and can’t wait to use it.

photo 3These Russian doll measuring cups were too cute to resist. I always find that I wish I had multiples of certain measuring cups while I am cooking and baking and figure it can hurt to have some extras. Plus these look super cute displayed on my stove. The little skillet on the right was a check out line find. It will be great for melting butter or cooking up one egg without having to dirty up a bigger pan.

After Home Goods I moved on the TJ Maxx. While I resisted the clothing and the shoes — which is quite a feat — I did find some great items.

photo 2The bamboo serving tray was on clearance and something that is good to have for entertaining, home decor — or if Eric ever feels like bringing me breakfast in bed. The little white serving bowl I bought with the idea of using it for veggies or other side dishes. We got a lot of serving dishes for wedding gifts, but nothing this size, so for the price I figured it was a good pick up.

But ladies and gentlemen — we have come to the grand finale.

photo 1I am the proud new owner of this gorgeous cast iron Dutch oven from Cuisinart. And in my favorite color to boot. It is the perfect size and the price was ridiculous — $50! The quality is just as nice as some of the Le Cruset ones I had been eyeing so I am totally pumped about this steal. Now I’m ready to make all sorts of soups and stews this fall and winter. Hooray!


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