Friday Five

Looking at my list below, I realize this is sort of a weird amalgamation of things. But in all honesty, this is what I’ve been loving this week.

1) It should come as no surprise that I am beyond obsessed with my new Dutch oven. It just makes me so happy when I walk in to the kitchen and seeing it sitting there on the stove. It’s the little things in life, you know? I am looking forward to using it for the first time this weekend when my mom comes over for dinner. I am going to make this recipe for chicken and dumplings from — who else — my girl Martha Stewart. A report will follow.

2) Puppy chow. And no, I don’t mean dog food. I mean that delightful treat where Chex is coated in chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar. I got some for my road trip to Charlotte last weekend and it sparked my desire to finally try out this Nutella Puppy Chow recipe I pinned ages ago. The only issue is that I will eat the entire batch if I make it…well I guess that isn’t a bad thing now that I think about it.

3) I love guacamole. I mean who doesn’t? I love using my mortar and pestle to make homemade guac, but sometimes, I want just a little quac and don’t have the necessary ingredients. Enter Wholly Guacamole Snack Packs. It is the perfect amount to satisfy my craving and the smaller serving size doesn’t lead to wasted guacamole. I have been eating it with slices of cucumber and it is the perfect afternoon snack.

4) I usually always have a mixed green salad with my lunch regardless of what else I am having. It’s a good way to get some more greens in to my diet and it’s simple enough that I usually have the stuff on hand. My go-to salad of the week is Taylor Farm’s Organic Herb Salad Mix with Ken’s Olive Oil and Vinegar Dressing (I found both at Target). It is delicious. I have two servings of this a day usually.


5) Have you even been to Nando’s? It’s a chain that originated in South Africa that serves peri-peri chicken. It’s like a combination of Portuguese and Mozambican cuisine (this I learned from WikiPedia). They are big in the UK, but DC has a few locations as well. And let me tell you. It is damn delicious. I have been missing it hardcore since we moved, but I am lucky that the grocery store near us carries Nando’s sauce that you can buy (I found it at Publix for those who are interested).


I like putting it on cooked chicken breast mostly, but it would also be good on shrimp, scallops or other seafood I think. If only I could figure out how to replicate their delicious rice, I would be all set.


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