Friday Five: Thanksgiving Edition

Let’s have a moment for the awesomeness that is Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Back when I worked at a newspaper, I only got off one holiday this time of year — Thanksgiving or Christmas. I always chose Thanksgiving. And I always came home. Because my mom’s Thanksgiving is the best Thanksgiving in the universe (yes, I am biased).

Thanksgiving in my family is a multiple day event that starts Wednesday night and goes all the way through Friday. I love everything about it, but there are certain things that are my favorites. And that is what I am going to be talking about today. These are my favorite things about this epically, awesome holiday.

1) Waking up that morning and smelling the turkey in the oven. Back when we lived in DC, we’d get in to Atlanta Wednesday night and I’d wake up in my parents’ house the next morning to the delicious smell of turkey roasting in the oven (minus one year my brother accidentally turned off the oven. He is never going to live that down). This year since we live in Atlanta, I’ll get my first whiff of this delicious smell when we arrive at my parents house Thanksgiving morning. 


2) Game time. The actual meal. We eat pretty early in the afternoon (so everyone can get in a nice nap while watching football). And sitting down at that Thanksgiving table is awesome. Obviously the turkey is important, but I like to load up on my mom’s delicious stuffing and sweet potato casserole (this stuff is like crack and it is amazing). And of course I eat a few Pillsbury crescent rolls.


3) After everyone gets in their afternoon nap and football watching, we usually eat pie before we kick off an evening of games (we’re a big games-playing family). We usually have three pies — pumpkin, pecan and apple. Pumpkin and pecan are by far my favorites. This year, Eric is making his addictive peanut butter pie to add to the mix and I am handling baking the pecan pie. Never made a pecan pie so I’m slightly nervous. I’ll share the results here.

4) After a few hours of game playing, it’s time for turkey sandwiches (we take eating very seriously). The sandwiches we like to make are super simple — white bread, turkey, iceberg lettuce and some mayo. So simple, so delicious. I could go for one right now.


5) On the day after Thanksgiving, my mom makes turkey soup. She uses the turkey bones to make her own stock, chocks it full of leftover turkey, carrots and usually star-shaped pasta. We eat it for dinner with lots of crackers, salt and pepper. It is so simple and so delicious and definitely a highlight for me.

What are you favorite parts about Thanksgiving?


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