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Friday Faves

Hello all! How are you liking my new blog design? Have to say I’m mildly obsessed. I keep looking at it and petting my computer screen — kidding of course. That is definitely one of my faves this week. I’ve loved playing around in WordPress. It makes me feel a lot more tech savvy than I really am.

So I’ve been obsessed with fruit lately. Kinda weird, I suppose, but there are worse things you could be obsessed with. I bought a big bag of pears at Trader Joe’s for three bucks last week and have been working my through them. But my favorite snack is a golden delicious apple with my homemade peanut butter dip. Now apples are delicious on their own, but paired with this dip, they are out of this world. I’ve been eating this for dessert all week (while Eric has been finishing off the berry pie we made over the weekend). It’s simple — mixed 2 tablespoons of Cool Whip and 1 teaspoon peanut butter together. Boom. Done. Enjoy the deliciousness. You can add more peanut butter if you like, but I find this ratio has a nice, subtle peanut butter flavor. I think peanut butter is one of the world’s most perfect foods.

As I wrote about a few months back, I love cookbooks. I would buy a ton more cookbooks if I had endless space (one day I will have a library in my house). So to keep my purchasing in check, I get cookbooks at the library. The libraries in Atlanta have pretty much any book you’d ever want. I then scan the recipes I want to keep using the Genius Scan app on my phone. I now am armed with a whole new arsenal of recipes I can’t wait to try, so thank you public library.

My obsession with The Kitchn continues. I find myself reading every single post everyday. That’s how you know you’d got my attention. My favorite article this week was The Best Cheeses For Tacos. I am now convinced I need to make these:


Those are mini tacos — WITH A SHELL MADE FROM CHEESE. Here’s the recipe for those who are as interested as I am.  Now this is all I want to eat. Sounds like a potential Super Bowl party recipe to me.


Friday Five

1) I love cheese. I could never be a vegan because I could never give up cheese. We usually have at least five types of cheese in our fridge at any given time. I like to have options. Which is my new obsession is cheese remnants.


I get mine at my local Kroger but I’ve seen them at Whole Foods as well. It’s a little slice of cheese usually left over from a bigger chunk that retails for about $1 to $2. It’s great for if you are making a cheese plate for a party or just want to sample some new cheese. I discovered bellavitano just a few weeks ago and my life is better for it. The ones I get also come with little blurbs about the cheese. It’s a cheese lovers dream!

2) I have been a coffee drinker since college. I used to not care for the taste, but once you find yourself staying up all night writing papers, you learn to love it. I used to just buy whatever Folgers or Maxwell House was on sale, but I’ve learned that I should be treating myself to good coffee since I enjoy it so much. I just bought this New Orleans Dark Roast from The Fresh Market and it is so, so delicious.

3) The bag of Halloween candy I bought for trick or treaters included some good stuff — Reese’s Pumpkins, mini Hershey Bars, York Peppermint Patties. But the leftover pieces I’ve been enjoying the most are the Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Bars. I haven’t had one of these in years but I now remember just how delicious they are. I’m going to have to hide the rest of I they will be gone before the end of the day today.

4) Something else I picked up from Fresh Market this week (can you sense a new trend?) were some delicious apple chips. I’ve always been a fan of apple chips, the crispier the better. I bought some awhile back at Costco that were more chewy than crispy, but the Fresh Market ones are just the right amount of crispness. Now that I have my new fancy mandolin, I might try to make some of my own. Anyone have a go to recipe for apple chips they want to share?

5) Today is November 1 which means my favorite holiday is just a few weeks away. I have always loved Thanksgiving more than Christmas, possibly because I have been food obsessed for as long as I can remember. I’m biased by my mom makes THE BEST Thanksgiving dinner around. I hope to make one as good as her someday, but right now, I stick to my role as crescent roll maker. I’m going to spend the next month daydreaming about her sweet potato casserole and perfect stuffing. Mmmmm.