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Another trip to HomeGoods

I sometimes feel that if I don’t go to HomeGoods at least once a week, I am missing out on something. I’m sure that is not the case, but it makes sense in my head. I take my trips to HomeGoods without any specific item in mind, and sometimes I leave empty handed, but sometimes I find some good things.

My last trip resulted in a few goods things, all of which I had been keeping my eye out for for a little while. I didn’t go crazy and spend too much (I think the total was less than $20) but I figured I’d share what I got with y’all anyways.

photo 1

I’ve always wanted one of these olive oil bottles, but all the ones I’d seen before had weird designs painted on. When I saw this plain one, I had to scoop it up. I buy olive oil in bulk so it is much easier to use this when cooking than trying to drizzle out of a giant bottle.

photo 2

This little French press is the cutest thing ever. It makes about one cup of coffee (or tea) so it’s great for solo use. I’ve been wanting a French press for awhile and this small one is giving me a chance to try it out before I get a bigger one. Spoiler alert: I love this. I’ve mostly been using it to make loose leaf tea and it’s amazing.

photo 3

Now there are sometimes when I’m making something and I don’t think it’s right to be served on a plate, but it’s not quite bowl material. Enter these pasta bowls. They are like the perfect hybrid of a bowl and a plate.

photo 4

Here is some kale I was cooking with last night. I think these are going to be great for salads as well as pasta. I am now regretting not getting the other box that HomeGoods had, but like we need anymore plates, bowls, etc.


Whole Foods Haul

My love affair with Whole Foods began last year when I visited my best friend. She lives in Austin, Texas, the headquarters of Whole Foods, and the flagship store is just incredible. My office in DC was a short walk from another Whole Foods, where I would frequent the hot bar for lunch. I just love everything about Whole Foods (well, minus some of the prices of course).

I hit up my local Whole Foods last week and picked up some pretty fun things (or so I think), so I wanted to share with you what I got.

photo 1

As I mentioned in last week’s Friday Five, my go to breakfast has been Greek yogurt with pumpkin spice granola. I was all out of my Chobani so I decided to pick up this Atlanta Fresh Yogurt. I love Atlanta Fresh. Their coffee flavor is probably my all time favorite yogurt. I got a big thing of the plain to mix with granola. I sweeten it up with some honey and liquid stevia. Mmm. I also picked up this fresh pressed juice. It is called the Detoxifier, but I bought it because at the time I was dealing with a tiny cold and it sounded like it would help fend of those germs. I felt much better the day after I drank it (which I’m sure was mostly a mental thing, but whatever. It was tasty.)

photo 2

Working from home has turned me in to a chronic snacker. When I was at the office, I had a finite number of snacks. Now I can just head down to the pantry and grab something. I try to make sure I have some healthier options so I don’t end up grabbing some of the cookies Eric always has laying around. These cranberry and cashew quinoa bites sounded like a good sweet treat so I decided to give them a try. The anglophile in my always has at least one cup of tea during the afternoon and I like to make it a proper afternoon tea by including some sort of biscuit. These mixed berry oat cookies looked like a winner to me. The other two are salty snacks: some dry roasted edamame and pumpkin seed and cheddar crispbreads. Yes, my pumpkin obsession has yet to subside.

photo 3

I love Annie Chun’s soups, so I decided to pick up this Spring Vegetable Ramen. I always love to have many soup options available for cooler days or for if I am feeling under the weather. The last thing I got was this honey almond quinoa cereal. I have been wanting to try warm quinoa cereal for awhile and am too lazy to just go ahead and make it myself. I am very excited to give this a try.

What are some of your favorite Whole Foods finds?